Wedding Photography Pricing

Pricing for Costa Rica wedding photographer Arenas Foto.

Our Pricing

Our prices are based on hours of coverage and range from $850.00 – $3,500.00 for weddings in Costa Rica. For weddings that span two or more days – such as South Asian and Indian Weddings – and for destination weddings outside of Costa Rica, please Contact Us.   To see how we work with clients to arrive at how much coverage they need, visit our How Much Wedding Photography Coverage Do I Need page. Our Ideal Wedding Photography Timeline for The Best Photos page will help you decide how much coverage you need depending on the quality and type of wedding photography you want.

How We Approach Pricing

Each wedding is unique.  Your wedding is unique.  There’s no one-size-fits-all engagement or wedding photography package that will fit your particular needs and wants.  Your wedding will have unique coverage needs that are based various factors. How many wedding-day events do you want covered and where will they happen? What will happened during each event? How large and how many groups there are for family and bridal party photos, and how much time to allocate the get the bride and groom couple’s photos you want? What sort of wedding photography in general – aesthetically appealing, though out, creative photos take more time to take and edit than do snapshots – do you want?

Since it’s not every day one gets married, we find it works best to talk with couples about their wedding day, what they would like covered, how they would like it covered, and what sort of photography they want to arrive at how much wedding photography coverage they need. 


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