What to Expect When Contacting Us

What to expect when contacting Arenas Foto Wedding Photography.

You’ve reviewed our engagement and wedding photography portfolio.  You’ve read our articles in our Client Resources blog covering everting on getting married in Costa Rica.  You’ve noticed our stellar Google Places and Wedding Wire reputation and have read the great things out clients have to say about us.  You’re going to take the next step and contact us.  When you do, this is what you can expect.

This is the first article in a series of articles that cover how we work, from what to expect when you contact us, how to book us, what we do on your wedding day, how we edit and deliver your photos, and much more.  You can find all of these articles are on our How We Work page. 


When you email us, we’ll let you know if we’re available.  If we are, we’ll let you know the range of prices for our wedding photography services and suggest we set up a time to chat about your wedding and how we can help.  Why won’t you just send me your prices?  You’ve heard it a million times, “your wedding’s unique”.  Well, it’s true.  No two weddings are alike.  All weddings have unique photography coverage requirements. 


You and your wedding.  That’s what we talk about.  We want to hear what you are looking for in a photographer and what your expectations are to make sure we’re the right fit with regards to personality, style, and other factors.  If we are, we talk about your wedding day, how many wedding-day events you want us to cover – for example, preparation, bridal photos, First Looks, the ceremony, group and family photos, bridal party photos, bride and groom photos, cocktail hour, the reception. 

Then we ask you about your plans for each of these events.  You might have a full-blown wedding reception – a grand entrance, first dances, lots of speeches, toasts, a performance or two, general dancing, cake cutting, a last dance, a grand exit.  Or your reception might consist of a toast, a couple of speeches, a cake cutting followed by dinner.  The former requires much more coverage than the latter example.  This is how we arrive at how much wedding photography coverage you need.  That’s why there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding photography package. 


We love questions!  Ask as many questions as your heart desires.  Make a list of questions beforehand to make sure ask them.  If you forget to ask us something during our chat, Contact Us.  We know planning a destination wedding is challenging and that it requires a certain amount of trust when sending someone money whom you’ve never met in person in the hopes this person will live up to their contractual obligations.  We want to instill that trust in you. 


We’ll ask some questions too.  Some question we may ask are: What time of day is wedding ceremony?  Are you working with a wedding planner?  Are all your wedding-day events happening at the same venue?  This is to help make sure you have the best wedding possible, as the sun sets early and fast in Costa Ria, as we highly recommend hiring a wedding planner, among other reasons. 

You like what you’ve seen and heard. We’re the photographers you are looking for. You want to book us. See our How to Book Us page to reserve us for your wedding.


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