Wedding Day & Wedding Portrait Shot Lists

How we get the photos you want of you getting married in Costa Rica.

You’ve been planning your wedding for months, maybe years.  You’ve looked at thousands of photos on hundreds of websites and social media platforms for wedding inspiration on how to make your wedding day unique.  You’ve also imagined how you want your wedding photos to look and you know what you want captured.  All these images are in your mind, and you’ve set your expectations, and created a visIon.  How will you convey this information and your vision to your wedding photographer?  How will your wedding photographer get this information from you?  For us, it’s easy.  We ask!! 

Over the years, we’ve learned how to get clients the photos they want, not the photos we want.  It’s your wedding after all.  Here, we’re going to cover what are Wedding Day and Wedding Portrait Shot lists. 


After you book us for your wedding, we send you a document we refer to as your Wedding Day & Wedding Portrait Shot Lists.  It’s really straightforward.  We ask you to list the people you want in your photos, which moments you want us to capture, and which things are important to you.  You can organize it by moment or in random. Whatever works best for you. Here are some examples:


· I want photos of my grandmother’s wedding ring along with mine and my mothers

· I want close-up photos of my bouquet

· I want photos of me and my bridesmaids wearing our robes while getting ready

· I want photos of me reading the card and opening the present my fiancé gave me while surrounded by my bridesmaids


· I want photo of me walking down the aisle while my fiancé is looking at me

· I want photo of walking down the aisle while smiling at my father (note: be sure to smile!)

· I want close-up photos of us exchanging rings

· I want photo of our parents watching us while we say our vows

· I want photos of the entire ceremony location and details shots of the decorations

You can provide as much or as little information you like.  The more we know, the better.  It would be unfortunate for us to not take a photo of a loved one you dearly wanted in a photo.  If we don’t know what’s important to you, this may happen.

We do ask that you complete this document and return it to use at least two weeks before your wedding.  If you want to add something afterwards, that’s fine.  On your wedding day, we’ll arrive early and go over it with you just to make sure we are on the same page. 


Weddings can get crazy.  The time right after a ceremony can be one of the most chaotic.  It’s also the time generally reserved for family photos, group photos, bridal party pictures, and the bride and groom couple’s session.  Our Wedding Portrait Shot List helps keep this photo session from descending into chaos, which is vitally important in Costa Rica given how quickly and how early the sun sets (we imagine you’d like to see the gorgeous countryside in your group and bride and groom photos).

The purpose of the wedding shot list is for you and your fiancé to determine whom you want in your group photos after the ceremony into groups, with the only constant in each group being you and your fiancé both or separately.  That’s it!  We do have two recommendations. If you want a photo of everyone, we highly, highly, highly recommend we take it right after your wedding ceremony since everyone will be there.  That way, they can go on about their business and not have to wait their turn.  They can go have a drink.  The second recommendation is that you charge one person from each family with helping us find your family and friends and get them where they need to be when we need them, since we will not know who they are. 

This list can also help you determine how much time to allocate for this photo session.  For a large group photo – 50 guests for example – it normally about 25-20 minutes to get set up.  We need to arrange chairs to layer guests.  We need to set up the flashes, expose for the ambient light, then set the flash power and take some test shots.  They we have to get everyone seated according to importance, age, and then height, and then make it look good. 

After this photo, it takes about 2-5 minutes for each subsequent group as we already have the equipment set up and the camera and flash dialed in.  It’s just a matter of getting your guests where they need to be and making it look great. 

Our Wedding Day and Wedding Portrait Shot Lists are just part of how we get you the wedding photos you want.  You can read about how your Moodboard helps as well on our Engagement & Wedding Photos Mood Board page.


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