Wedding Photography Moodboard

How we get the photos you want of your wedding in Costa Rica.

How do we personalize your wedding and engagement photography?  A Mood Board!  It’s how we get to know you – your personalities, relationship, stylistic and content preferences.  It’s quite simple, really, and it helps us deliver you the wedding photos you want that capture what’s important to you and how you want it captured.

What’s a Mood Board?

It’s simple.  You might have already created one to help you find inspiration for other aspects of your wedding, such as your dress, bouquets, shoes, etc.  It’s nothing more than an inspiration board.  This one, however, is about your wedding photos.

The images you select will communicate your style preferences to us.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to explain why you like a photo in technical terms.  All you need to do is explain why you like a photo.  For example, you might like the pose, the lighting, the colors, how warm or cold a photo is, the composition, the moment, a detail, or the editing style of a photo – a vintage look, grainy, desaturated, high definition, high dynamic range, dark and moody, bright and airy, lots of shadows, little to no shadows, dystopian, grungy, hard, soft, and so on – in a photo. 

Your mood board will permit us have the same vision and understand your preferences clearly during the entire process, from taking your photos, designing your photos book, and editing your photos for digital delivery or prints.  It’s how we make sure your vision becomes our vision. 

Mood Boards & Shot Lists Differences

A shot list is quite different from a Moodboard.  It’s a detailed list of must-have photos some wedding photographers use to make sure they take specific photos.  We prefer to not use this type of shot list as we feel it inhibits creativity and reduces the process of taking photos to a checklist. 

Our Wedding Day and Wedding Portrait Shot Lists are quite different.  They are created with your input and help us make sure we capture the people, moments, and things that are most important to you.  You can find out more about them on our Wedding Day and Wedding Portrait Shot List page. 

A Moodboard, on the other hand, summarizes your emotive, artistic, and stylistic vision for your wedding photos.

Creating Your Moodboard

· If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, you will need to create one.

· Once signed in, create a new board titled “Wedding Photos Mood Board” (Make sure it is public).

· Visit our Engagement & Wedding Photography Gallery.

· Look for images you like and pin them.  *When you pin a photo, make sure you add short sentence explaining what you like the photo.

· Once your think you’ve selected the photos that best represent your vision for your photos, email us your Mood Board to and include something to the effect of: Your first name your fiancé’s first name ‘s Mood Board (Anne & Dave’s Mood Board, for example) in the subject line.

· Within a few days of receiving your Mood Board, we will arrange a phone call you to go discuss it to make sure we are on the same page.

Additional Mood Board Tips

· When looking at photos, pay attention to what catches our eye.  Is it the pose, the emotion, the scene, how bright or dark it is, the presence or absence of shadows, the colors, the details, the editing style, etc. 

· Look at wedding and engagement photos, regardless if you are getting married or engaged.  You might the pose in an engagement photo and want photos of you and your fiancé in the same type of pose. 

· Use the category link and tags in a blog to find similar photos.  If planning a beach wedding in Costa Rica, for example, us the tag “Costa Rica beach wedding” to find other beach weddings we’ve photographed. 

· We do encourage you to choose some from other photographers (around 20%).  In most cases, we can replicate what other photographers do, but in some cases, their style may vary so much from our shooting and editing style that it may be problematic. 

Characteristics of Ideal Mood Board

An ideal Mood Board will:

· have 20-25 photos

· Choose the majority of photos from our website (80%) and some from other photographers (20%=

· Focus on poses, scenes, emotions, editing styles, . . . not a list of must-have shots (it’s not a shot list)

· Have succinct detailed descriptions for each pinned photo.  (For example: I love the way the bride’s looking at her husband.)

· Includes photos from your wedding venue or similar venues if possible (this is more complicated for destination weddings, we know).


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