Wedding Photos Highlights Slideshow

The wedding day photos highlights slideshow of your wedding in Costa Rica by Arenas Foto.

Editing photos takes time if it’s done well. Clients want their photos now! We understand. We’d love to be able to get them their photos in a flash, but that’s just not possible if they want their photos to look good. We’ve come up with a compromise: an engagement or wedding photos highlights slideshow!


The day after your wedding, we upload your photos to a Lightroom catalog and select 40-45 photos highlighting the different moments of your wedding day or engagement photos session, from the getting ready phase to the end of your reception if it’s a wedding, and create a slideshow that’s set to the song and artist of your choice. We then upload it to a page on our website for you to view and share with your family and friends.

The photos in the slideshow are not fully edited. We adjust on the white balance and exposure to make the photos acceptable for viewing. It’s something quick. It’s not a keeper. This way, you can see some photos sooner rather than later, and it give us time to fully edit your photos. To find out more about our photo-editing process, visit our How We Edit Your Photos page.


Here’s a sample photos highlights slideshow so you know what to expect. The music is generic to not infringe on anyone’s intellectual property rights. Your slideshow will have the song and artist of your liking, however.


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