Maddie & Jason's beach wedding in Costa Rica at Dreams Las Mareas.

You are going to love the photos from this amazing Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica beach wedding featuring Maddie and Jason.  Maddie started preparing for her big day in the resorts spa with her many bridesmaids and maid of honor, while Jason, his best man, and groomsmen had a good time getting ready in a Preferred Suite, having a few beers and lots of laughs.  The hallway outside of the spa was a great place for bridal photos and of Maddie with her bridesmaids before heading to the ceremony site.

They said their vows, exchanged wedding rings, and sealed it with a kiss on Arboleda Beach, under a shady tree canopy not far from the ocean.  Rain cut the beach bridal party and family photos short, so wee took some at Lapa Lapa Restaurant  behind the wedding ceremony venue, and then ran to the beach again when the rain let up for a few minutes to take a few more photos of the newlyweds.

After their grand entrance at the start of the wedding reception, Maddie and Jason danced their first dance.  There were a few speeches, then a few more, then they cut their wedding cake, and danced the night away, ending it with a dramatic Trash the Dress moment with Maddie jumping in to the pool, with Jason in suit.

We’d like to thank Dreams Las Mareas Weddings team for doing such a great t job organizing Maddie & Jason’s wedding.

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Wedding bouquet on chair in Bridal Suite at Dreams Las Mareas.
Wedding dress hanging for light in Bridal Suite.
Bride having a drink as bridesmaids help her get ready.
Wedding dress hangar with bride's name.
Bride preparing for wedding at Dreams Las Mareas.
Bride sits still as makeup artist applies lipstick.
Bride looking in mirror while putting on lipstick.
Bridesmaids helping bride get ready.
Bridesmaids helping bride put on wedding dress in Bridal Suite in Costa Rica.


Bride and bridesmaids in robes sitting on bench.
Bride and bridesmaids in robes having a fun moment.
Bride and bridesmaids walking in corridor on way to ceremony.
Bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets.
Fun moment with bride and bridesmaids before wedding ceremony.
Groom and groomsmen in suite having a drink.
Groom and groomsmen standing next to each other after getting ready.
Reservoir Dogs-type photo of groom walking in front of groomsmen.
Groom and groomsmen walking together and having fun.
Groom and groomsmen having a good time before wedding.


Beach wedding ceremony site at Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica.
Bridesmaids smiling during wedding procession.
Groomsman and bridesmaid during wedding procession.
Wedding processional of father walking bride to altar in Costa Rica.
Beach wedding in Costa Rica at Dreams Las Mareas resort.
Couple exchanging wedding rings at altar on beach.
Bride about to put wedding ring on groom's finger.
Bride and groom about to kiss after saying wedding vows.
Groom dips bride for romantic kiss at beach wedding in Costa Rica.
Wedding ceremony recessional of bride and groom walking arm in arm.
Happy bridesmaids and best man walking arm and arm.


Bride holding wedding bouquet with groom behind her.
Groom looking at bride with her arms around his neck.
Bride and groom have a romantic kiss after wedding ceremony.
Groom's hands wrapped around bride's waist.
Bride wearing wedding dress with open back looking at groom.
Just married couple standing next to each other looking at camera.
Profile of gorgeous bride wearing open-back wedding dress.


Just married couple make grand entrance at wedding reception.
Bride and groom first dance at Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica.
First dance at wedding reception in Costa Rica at Dreams Las Mareas.
Bride and groom enjoying first dance.
Happy just married couple during their first dance.
Poolside wedding reception venue at Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica.
Bridesmaid gives speed in rain under umbrella.
Best man holding umbrella giving speech.
Bride and groom hold cups up in toast to speeches.
Garter belt ritual during wedding ceremony.
Groomsmen vie for position during garter belt toss.
Bride looks back at single ladies before bouquet toss.
Bridesmaid jumping up during bouquet toss.
Woman who caught bridal bouquet celebrates with bride.
Groom goofing off while cutting wedding cake.
Just married couple with cake on their face about to kiss.
Groom holding bride in pool kiss romantically.
Bride jumps in pool to trash the dress in Costa Rica.
Groom does backflip into pool during wedding reception at Dreams Las Mareas.





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