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Jen & Vlad's wedding in Costa Rica at the Serbian Consulate.

We think you are going to love the photos of Jen & Vlad’s wedding in Costa Rica at the Serbian Consulate in Heredia. Their ceremony took place in a gorgeous garden at the consulate on a sunny afternoon, which was followed by group photos, photos for the bridal party, and then of the newlyweds. Afterwards, Jen and Vlad had their signing ceremony by the pool where they also cut their beautiful wedding cake.

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Wedding dress hanging from tree in walkway.
Satin wedding dress hanging from tree.
Bride's blue shoes next to bridal bouquet with gown in background.
Bride in champagne-colored wedding dress holding bouquet.
Bride holding bouquet in garden before wedding.
Bride in garden before wedding ceremony holding bouquet.
Wedding rings on fabric next to bride's heels.
Wedding ring box engraved with name of bride and groom and date.
Wedding rings, bride's shoes, and bouquet on piano.
Wedding ring resting on bride's blue shoes.
Groom's father and bride standing in garden before wedding ceremony.
Bride standing with groom's father before wedding.
Bride standing next to groom's father before walking her down the aisle.


Groom standing at altar watching bride walk down aisle.
Bride looking at groom's father as he escorts her to altar.
Bride walking down aisle looks at groom and smiles.
Groom's father escorts bride to altar and wedding guests watch.
Wedding ceremony in garden at Serbian Consulate in Costa Rica.
Groom smiles and watches bride as she recites her wedding vows.
Bride reading from wooden tablet engraving with her vows.
Family and friends watch as couple says their wedding vows.
Couple getting married in Costa Rica in tropical garden.
Groom standing at altar saying his wedding vows as bride watches.
Bride watches groom as he says his wedding vows.
Friends and family watching while bride and groom tie the knot in Costa Rica.
Bride and groom exchanging rings in wedding in Costa Rica.
Bride and groom kiss after exchanging rings at altar in garden.
Couple getting married in Costa Rica kiss after saying vows.


Wedding party and guests standing in front of altar.
Group photo after wedding ceremony in garden.
Wedding guests after ceremony looking at camera.
Kid standing in front of wedding party after ceremony.
Friends and family standing in front of altar for group photo.
Bride and groom having fun moment after ceremony with family and friends.


Just married couple standing by arch after wedding in Costa Rica.
Bride and groom standing in front of arch in garden.
Bride and groom smiling after getting married in Costa Rica.
Bride wraps her arms around and smiles at him.
Bride standing behind groom resting her head on his shoulder.
Bride and groom laughing while standing in garden.
Groom standing behind bride holding bridal bouquet.


Stunning wedding cake for couple getting married in Costa Rica.
Bride and groom cutting cake for wedding in Costa Rica.
Just married couple having fun before cutting wedding cake.
Amazing two-layer wedding cake on table in reception area.
Just married couple kissing after cutting wedding cake.


  • Venue: Serbian Consulate


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