South Asian & Indian Weddings in Costa Rica – Why It’s Ideal

Why having your Indian wedding in Costa Rica is such a good idea.

Among the many great destinations for Indian weddings around the world, Costa Rica is one of the best for various reasons. Some locations may have gorgeous beaches. Others, unforgettable mountain views. Still others sites may have amazing wedding venues. Costa Rica, however, has them all and more: breathtaking beaches, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, cloud forests, unique and varied wildlife, impressive luxury wedding venues, and first-rate customer service. Costa Rica is an unparalleled destination for Indian weddings, Hindu weddings, Pakistani weddings, and all other types of South Asian Weddings. and other types fo South Asian weddings given its beautiful luxury venues, boundless natural beauty, uncomplicated marriage requirements, and extensive activities.

Stunning Luxury Wedding Venues

If looking for luxury accommodations for your South Asian wedding, Costa Rica has a quit a few that are just phenomenal. They range from private villas to small and mid-size resorts – that can be fully rented for the utmost privacy – primarily located in Manuel Antonio Quepos and Herradura, areas known for their gorgeous beaches and mountainous tropical rainforests. What makes them truly stunning is their architecture, luxury accommodations, breathtaking views, and first-class customer service, which we’d say is more of a boutique experience that is focused on quality, not quantity, resulting in a remarkable customer service experience.

The stunning venues is a another reason to have an Indian wedding in Costa Rica.

Moreover, it’s possible to have accommodations for the bride and groom’s families at these venues that are quite separated, which is important during certain wedding day events, such as the Mehndi and Sangeet Ceremonies. They also generally have locations for your other wedding day events, from Arti, Baraat, Mangal Phera to the Vivaah Homa, Vivaah Sanskar to the Kalyanam, Milni, Joota Chupai Ceremonies, and reception with ample space for performances. These venues can also accommodate your gastronomical requirements and can prepare foods and drinks traditionally served during South Asian weddings.

Among the best venues for South Asian weddings in Costa Rica, we feel Villa Punto de Vista is the best. With its new second villa and onsite spa that opened in late 2019, there are now two stunning villas, one for the bride’s family and one for the groom’s family. Villa Punto de Vista also has a full restaurant and various locations for your wedding day events, and has stunning views. Other great locations for destination Costa Rica Indian and Hindu weddings are Villa Caletas and Zephyr Palace, Los Sueños, Arenas del Mar, and Hotel Makanda by the Sea. Visit our Luxury Wedding Venues in Cost Rica page for venues that are ideal for South Asian and Indian weddings.

There are lots of great venues for Indian weddings in Costa Rica.

Natural Beauty

To say Costa Rica is a gorgeous country would be an understatement. Wherever you get married in Costa Rica, you will be surrounded by beauty, be it its breathtaking beaches – Manual Antonio has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – tropical rainforests, cloud forests, volcanoes, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and its numerous exotic creatures.

Plan your Indian wedding in Costa Rica for the great beaches.
Have your Indian wedding in Costa Rica for the great views.
Visit a stunning waterfall during your Costa Rica Indian wedding.
There are many reasons to have your Indian wedding in Costa Rica.

Uncomplicated Marriage Requirements

If having a legal wedding ceremony in Costa Rica, the requirements are quite simple. In summary, the bride and groom must be 18 years of age, have a valid passport and use the same information in those passports on your wedding documents, and demonstrate you are not currently married. You can find detailed information on what the requirements are to get married in Costa Rica on our Costa Rica Marriage Requirements page.


Where to start. There’s so much you can do in Costa Rica before and after your wedding. You can go fishing, rock climbing, river rafting, horseback riding in the country and on the beach, kayaking, take tour of a coffee and coco plantation, nature hikes, visit waterfalls, volcanoes, natural thermal springs and volcanic mud baths, take a hot air balloon ride, go snorkeling, spend the day in a spa, zip lining, scuba diving, take surfing lessons, take a cruise on a yacht and catamaran, visit pristine beaches, rain forests, cloud forests, and more. Check out our profile on Maharani Weddings


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